Monday, March 17, 2008

So, So, My Toe Sucks... Wait...

Over the past few months I have gradually reintroduced my body to the idea of "physical activity." Most of this has come from walking home from work now that I don't live 15 miles away. It should surprise no one familiar with me or my penchant for injury that this has resulted in discomfort. My left big toe has decided to make walking difficult and painful. At first it was just when I wore the wrong shoes, then when I walked for too long, but now it is any time I attempt to move myself using my feet. Bear in mind I can stand reasonably well with weight distributed evenly side to side and front to back. But the walking, she hurts, and so to the doctor I went.

He is as mystified as me. So far x-rays have shown no fracture, stress or otherwise, and no tumor (props to the doc for not mentioning this possibility before the pics were taken -- the thought never even crossed my mind before it was ruled out). They took blood, which I suspect they would do even if I came in with a splinter, just to make the needle-phobic girl freak. But soon I'll know if I have lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis (unlikely -- I was tested when I was a teen), or some other inflammatory disease. If blood tests are all negative, I'm back on the train to MRIville, and my friends, that bites. On the other hand, I can still do most of my yoga class, owing
to the focus on evenly distributed weight. Single legged poses are Right Out, but the rest tend to feel pretty good. And darn it, I need the inner peace.


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