Thursday, January 17, 2008

I know, I know

It's been another month! But the show finally opened last week, and things are slightly more sane around here, so here's me making a post.

First, I have to brag. The show got reviewed -- very favorably -- in the Star Tribune. Read it here! Isn't that cool? And the costumes are pretty, too!

In other time-suck news, I celebrated the opening of the show by going out and buying The Sims 2 with a christmas giftcard. It's impossible to play the Sims in anything approaching moderation. I sat down to tinker about with one family's house for an hour the other night, and creakily unfolded myself from the chair two hours later.

Now that life has slowed down, work is picking up. I'd better stop writing in my blog and get to the eleventy-seven things on my to-do list, since I still like this job and would like to keep it. :-)


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