Thursday, October 04, 2007

Still no Internets

Well, we have internets but the wireless isn't up, so my computer is a fancy picture-looking, music-listening machine. As a result, I've gotten a bunch of knitting and spinning done. Granted, the knitting and spinning keep distracting from the unpacking and the cleaning, but I have quite the stash and am willing to see progress in its diminishing, no matter the damage to my housekeeping skill. (Ha! I just referred to my housekeeping skill as if I HAD some!)

Living in sin continues to be quite cozy, though I've taken to beating the man up in my sleep. The first time, I know I was dreaming that there was a spider on me. The most recent, I was mostly asleep and twice as clumsy as usual. No clue what happened in between, as I was out cold. Oh, well, we'll survive. Or at least, I will.


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