Monday, August 06, 2007


I'm back from the whirlwind weekend. On Friday, the Man and I caught a 6 am flight to Dulles, then drove to Dover, DE for his friend's wedding. The drive to Dover was based on a highly suspect map and a collective sense of adventure, and was made in about three hours. This was not bad at all, given that some of the necessary highways were not marked on the map AT ALL. And really, three hours passed in such fine company is always time well spent.

It was virtually non-stop work preparing for the wedding, though I got to take a nap -- he was a groomsman, and thus enlisted help, while I was the unknown girlfriend of a groomsman, and able to check in to the hotel for a brief and much-needed nap. He picked up a much perkier Turtle in time for the rehearsal dinner.

The wedding itself was completely adorable, and the reception quite enjoyable -- those of you who know me well know how infrequently I find weddings fun, so that ought to speak volumes. Hopefully, it'll kick off a new pattern of weddings that do not make me want to vomit, because we're about to have a spate of them. One side-effect of dating: even more wedding events to attend.

I'll totally, take it, y'all, cause the other side effects are serious happiness and rampant grinning. I love my life.


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