Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week in review

Monday: Mom still out of town. Go to work, come home, make dinner and share dinner with a wonderful person (who, incidentally, brings flowers. Roses, actually. DUDE). Go to sleep at reasonable hour after getting smart and locking cat upstairs so that he will not spend another night keeping me awake wondering where mom is.

Tuesday: Go to work, realize there's no point in driving home between work and tap class, ask Jon if I can come visit him and Teresa and Chloe. Get call that Jon and Family are visiting a doctor for longer than expected. Visit Jon and Teresa's house anyway, spend quality time with cable. Spend 15 minutes with actual friends before rushing off to class (thanks for letting me stop by even without you there, y'all!). Tap my heart out for first time in two years. Yay! Home, bed, sleep.

Wednesday: Carpool to work because MOM'S HOME! Come home, putter on computer, enjoy "night off" for the week. Except, phone rings! It is the lovely gentleman referred to above! Would I like to come with him to shop for stuff that he has no other time to shop for because his schedule is even crazier than mine and he may otherwise be unable to see me for Quite Some Time? Refrain from pointing out that not seeing me is considered by some to be a bonus, and motor out the door. Shop, dine, home, sleep.

Thursday: Work, happy hour, Tap, home, *thud*.

Friday: Work, trouble breathing, doctor. Doctor suspects asthma (doctors have done so and been wrong in past, but we try albuterol again); is wrong, prescribes strong antihistamine. Home early, nap, breathing better. Best friend and Small Child come for sleep-over involving Indian food and costume sewing.

Saturday: More sewing! Make cutest little chemise and peasant skirt EVER! All without a pattern! Send Best Friend and Small Child off with feeling of accomplishment. Help Mom's Best friend sort out head shot and resume on SAG website for optimal marketability. Say "I don't know, I'm not an actor" a bazillion times. Get taken out to dinner for troubles. Come home, watch old movies on TMC, crash out.

Today: Knitting, then Dad's Day festivities. I'm going to fall asleep standing up soon, I swear. It's been a full week.


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