Sunday, June 24, 2007

Proud to Know Him

I haven't really gotten into Twin Cities Pride activities for the past few years. Between the anxiety disorders, the general disconnect of sexually omnivorous individuals from gay and lesbian politics, and the dicey social ramifications of self-defining as something that for most boils down to bi whilst dating someone of the "opposite" sex, I've played it even more quiet this year.

But since almost no one reads this poor, neglected blog anymore I feel I can make a low-key mention of the very best pride-related blog post I've read. It comes from one of the best allies any human, queer or otherwise, could hope to have, and one of the most self-aware-without-being-self-obsessed people I've had the pleasure of meeting. So, go read this post at Chris Uggen's blog. Chris is a sociologist and a music lover, and is very talented at blending the two in a way that causes people to think in new ways without the fear this can sometimes induce. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he lives at the corner of History Street and Biography Way*.

*I'm a recovering sociologist. It's a bad joke. Sue me. Only don't. I have bills.


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I read it. :)

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