Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Some stuff:

1) I finally hooked up the cable TV. My $10/month cable essentially gets me reception, MSNBC (crap news -- yay!), and women's entertainment TV (Thelma and Louise -- yay!).

2) I am soon to be in Duluth for four days. I will also be in a boat on at least one of them.

3) Had drinks with Trina, Jason, and Chris tonight. Chris now has two different personal organizers, Jon, so if he tries to make you keep his appointment book for him, bitch slap him for me.

4) D&D was tremendously fun on Sunday, but has some interesting side effects: Maureen and I were in the office talking to Tovan, and the uninitiated kept having to endure talk of how wizards get to do more cool stuff at higher levels, and how orcs usually travel in larger packs that what we've seen.

5) There is no number five. There is only Zuul.


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