Friday, July 30, 2004

Jesus Tap-dancing Christ!

Dear "left,"

Please stop trying to convince me that John Kerry is Jesus. He is not my fucking savior. He is marginally better than the other major party candidate. Hell, I think, if I met him in person, I'd probably enjoy conversing with him. But I don't feel a big sigh of relief on the horizon, should he win; I'm still not convinced that I should vote for him; and the parts of that speech that I caught last night were HOKEY AS HELL! Reporting for duty my motherfucking ass. And frankly, both sides need to quit claiming to be on God's side before god starts throwing lightning bolts. It doesn't sound any less cultish coming from Dems than it does from the Bush camp.

With repulsion and annoyance,

At some point I claimed I was on hiatus from politics. I never really promised to stop snarking at politicians, though.


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