Wednesday, July 28, 2004

And the Mississippi's Mighty

It's one of those rainy days. The unusual kind, for me. The kind where I feel no desire to dance in the rain and every desire to spend the day in my basement listening to girly music and feeling morose. Hence, the title.

Hey, did ya notice I added titles to this thing?

Ho hum.

News. Let's see. Oh, yeah, I got one of those crazy exercise ball thingys and have been beating the hell out of my abs on it. Best. Crunches. Ever. My goal: by this time next year be on the water during the Rendezvous. That watching business? Not ideal, even if it is fun.

Wrist report: they're feeling pretty good. Still don't like too much typing, but the new keyboard helps, as do the more frequent and extended computer breaks. The bad news: the RSI in my shoulder is coming back. This is the one that the laptop keyboard alleviated. D'oh.

Not too much else to report. I'll be getting back to the Indigo Girls now.

*commences moping*

EDIT: I have no clue how much of this is spelled correctly, as Blogger has apparently "upgraded" their spell check again.


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