Thursday, July 22, 2004

This is the best damn article on patriotism that I've read since this whole mess started. It talks about why Guthrie (Woody variation) wrote "This Land is Your Land," which makes me grin in remembrance of this year's July fourth. My family decided the first of the DIY fireworks displays ought to be greeted with a patriotic song, so I started in on the first verse. If you've ever heard me sing, you've probably joined in... if only to drown me out.

More importantly, the article quotes this Langston Hughes poem, which I had not read before. Langston Hughes is solely responsible for me not hating poetry, and as a result, poetry is often solely responsible for me not hating the world. This is the case today, as I had every intention of posting on feeling all Square-Peg-ish in a Round Holed world, but instead I think I'll save the self-pity and go peruse this timely edition to my rather limited knowledge of Hughes's works.



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