Sunday, September 05, 2004

Almost Time...

I got my hairs cut for school today. It's bobbed nicely so that it can grow out all one length now, and I can ignore it completely for longer durations. The haircut lady was insane, but that's pretty much my lock when it comes to stylists.

Did some thrifting for clothes yesterday, and will do some more tomorrow. Did not got to the Renaissance Festival today, as Kelly couldn't go and it was gross out.

Are you bored yet? I am. I have nothing funny, interesting, or upsetting to report, except that I seem to have developed an aversion to my bed, such that the only place in the house that I can fall asleep is on the Very Uncomfortable Couch. It is playing havoc on my poor neck and back, and making me an absolute joy to be around. Clearly. Hence, I'll quit my kvetching and go do non-internet things. Like convince mom to replace the couch.


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