Sunday, December 26, 2004

Motherly Insanity

So, I was channel surfing with the mom this evening when we came across Eminem performing "Mosh" on a rerun of SNL. We watched it (there is sweet fuck all on the TV at 11:30 on Christmas Eve) for a couple minutes before mom started being more strange than usual.

Mom: Can you hear the words? What did he just say?
Me: "Make the president answer a higher anarchy." (Or some shit like that, haven't exactly committed the lyrics to memory, thanks much, and I'm too lazy to look them up.)
Mom: You can hear that? Really?
Me: ...
Mom [mimicking]: Da-da-duh, da-da-dah, crab my crotch, da-da-duh.
Me: *laughs*
Mom: *continues*
Me: *nearly busts something laughing*
Mom: How are people supposed to pay attention to what he's saying when he keeps grabbing his crotch?
Me: *dies some more*

Seriously, she went on for about five minutes with her mixture of scat-rap and anti-crotch-grabbing monologue. I was nearly crying.


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