Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dear Fair-Minded Republicans,

If you are still willing to associate with a party that tries to make it illegal for gay men to donate sperm and make it legal for doctors to deny treatment to homosexuals, I suggest you do some serious, vocal activist work within your own party to get those who would use their religious ideal to make our government just "small" enough to fit in one's bedroom the hell out of the party. Because AIDS is NOT a gay disease (as suggested by reasoning in the first article, though all donations are tested), and you WILL be tarred with the same brush as those you help elect. And if you continue to do nothing against these zealots, you are by default identifying as one of them. Unless, of course, you are not as fair-minded as I thought you were, and are in favor of another "lavender scare" that encourages fear and mistrust of homosexuals. In which case, we should probably have words.

I know that this goes against my policy of giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt most of the time. I know quite a few lovely people who self-identify as Republican but are not obnoxious biggots. You might think I'm being unreasonable. I think it's damn well time you make use of the benefit of the doubt. Your side is in power. How about trying to make them accountable for what they do with it?

And if you really think making abortion illegal means forcing women to be responsible for their sex lives, you are no longer welcom here. Period. That is misogyny at its basest, and we have nothing further to say to one another.



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