Monday, February 28, 2005

Yesterdays funny conversation with the mom:

Mom: What are you doing?
CJ: Reading a comic book.
Mom: You don't read comic books.
CJ: *looks at cover of comic book* You're absolutly right. I don't.
Mom: *strangely alarmed* Where did you get that?
CJ: *very amused* At a bookstore.
Mom: When?
CJ: ...

My mother apparently didn't get the "I'm a dork" memo.

In other news, the Oscars were dead boring. The four high points were Morgan Freeman's speech, the guy who dedicated his oscar to his hospitalized mom and thanked her doctors, the Best Original Song winner for "Motorcycle Diaries" who sang part of the song as his acceptance speech, and Jamie Foxx winning Best Actor.

I'm off to visit my baby cousin in the hospital (OK, she's seventeen now; sue me for thinking she's grown up too fast). My family needs to get out of this hospital habit.


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