Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ten Years...

... since the bombing in Oklahoma City. Strangely, we didn't go to war with gun-toting crackers afterward.

In other news, I've been MIA due to being busy as hell. After rocking my final project on Friday, I spent Saturday roleplaying, followed by knitting and crocheting with EL. Sunday I went to a gun show with the dad (my uncle is trying to kill me -- he told the guy behind the "OMG LIBERAL JUDGES ARE TAKING AWAY OUR GUNS" that I was against the extremely lax conceal and carry laws that our appeals court just found unconstitutional). I escaped with my life and went on to my next appointment, the knit/crochet group that I found through Meetup.com. From there I went to school, ostensibly to lead story circles after Laramie, only to have no one show up for the second week in a row. Instead, the four of us who were supposed to be leading sat around and discussed gun laws. My favorite description of the day overall is "ideological whiplash": from a gun show to a theater department in less than six hours. My head was spinning.

Now I'm preparing for a visit to Red Wing Juvenile Correctional Facility. I'm taking a group of about 20 students there tomorrow as a part of the Juvenile Delinquency course I'm TA for this term. I'm told I have no real responsibility, as the residents lead the tours and everyone is responsible for their own transportation, so it should be pretty painless. I just hope it decides not to rain, otherwise the drive could be unpleasant.

That's it! I'm sure I've got any number of silly stories that I've forgotten to tell here. If you know of one, post it in the comments. My brain, it is the steeliest of sieves.


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