Friday, April 08, 2005

So I've got this friend...*

Yeah, I know that's normally the beginning of a thinly-veiled confession, but in this case it's me doing what I do best: bitching. At one point in time this friend was in a place to promise that they would never intentionally do anything to hurt me (if you don't already know the story, I leave it up to your sordid imaginations, as it's really quite boring). Recently, I have begun to question exactly what this person views as both "intentional" and "hurtful."

See, when you live in the same city and circulate in the same scenes, you tend to run into friends on a semi-regular basis. Also, when a friend is a tech addict, it is reasonable to believe that one might hear from said friend on a semi-regular basis. And yet somehow I've been experiencing month or two long absences of any interaction, real or virtual, with this person. This may not be intentionally directed at me, but the decision to allow the initiation of communication to fall to others certainly is.

So I was trying to see how long this would go on, and we had gotten to about six weeks, when I realized that I was being childish. I rang my friend up and we went out for food. Have you ever spent an hour with someone who clearly is there because they feel they OWE it to you? Not that they want your company, but because they feel obligated to suffer it? FUCKING HURTFUL, thank you very much.

So here's the deal: if you ever find yourself making some trite promise of non-hurtfulness, bite your own tongue off. Or at least stop to think about what those words mean. Because all of this is occasionally excusable, but as patterned behavior coupled with atrocious cliche, this is the shit that turns understanding friends into BITTER OLD HAGS WHO BITCH ABOUT YOU ON THEIR BLOGS!

*Necessary note: said friend does not read this blog, so stop being paranoid.


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