Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Weekend Update

Where the hell have I been? After Friday's mess, I attempted to to blog all of the zillion tabs I had open only to have Safari crash on me. You'll have to find your own amusement. I decided this was a fairly good reason to spend most of the weekend knitting and reading comic books. I now have a new pair of writs warmers and a head full of superhumans.

I've also learned to sleep through one CD and the buzzer on my new alarm clock. I'm burning a disc right now that will hopefully haul my ass outta bed tomorrow. It consists of loud music, music that sounds good loud, stuff that energizes me, and one song that annoys the crap out of me. Here's the playlist; guess which song is the latter.

1. Starfish and Coffee -- Prince
2. I Wanna Be Sedated -- The Ramones
3. Me & Mia -- Ted Leo and the Pharmicists
4. Lust for Life -- Iggy Pop
5. Mercedes Benz -- Melissa Etheridge
6. Little Red Corvette -- Prince
7. Rent -- Cast recording of "Rent" (duh)
8. Let the Sunshine In -- Cast recording of "Hair"
9. Darshan -- B21
10. Here Comes the Mayo -- Molotov
11. Forest Whitiker -- Brother Ali
12. Le Bien, Le Mal -- MC Solaar, feat. Guru
13. Jesus Walks -- Kanye West
14. Sojourner's Battle Hymn -- Sweet Honey in the Rock
15. Lucystoners -- Amy Ray
16. My Vagina -- NOFX
17. Girl All the Bad Guys Want -- Bowlin for Soup
18. Natural Woman -- Aretha Franklin

Guesses in the comments, folks. You might also want to guess how much of the CD has to play before I actually wake up... or just hope it does.


Blogger Jon said...

It would make sense to put the song you hate at the end, or else you wouldn't hear the rest that you like. So "Natural Woman"?

11:24 AM  

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