Monday, March 21, 2005

Eight dead in US school shooting

Look, mom! We made international news!

Not even remotely funny. What's even less funny is the way the fucking local yokel news monkeys are touting it as "THE deadliest American school shooting since Colombine" like it's a point of pride. The next time some paranoid student wonders why we live in such a "violent nation" I'm pointing at these salivating bloodhounds -- they're showing footage of the deserted, half-lit school building! And now they're recapping shootings from the same reservation that happened a year and a half ago just to say it's not related. And they've moved on to "this is the second school shooting in Minnesota in the past two years" so that they can recap that one!

Jesus Christ on toast, can we please revisit the definition of "news"? As in, information that DIDN'T HAPPEN TWO YEARS AGO AND IS ACTUALLY RELATED TO CURRENT HAPPENINGS!


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