Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The War at Home*

That damn "activist judge" in California is apparently a Catholic Republican appointee.

You just never know what kind of rebels will show up in the war against gay people. Key bigoted quote from the article: "We knew Judge Kramer was under tremendous political pressure to redefine marriage, but we were hopeful he would recognize the limited role of the judiciary." You mean the role of deciding whether laws are in compliance with constitutions? Because, er, he seems to have recognized that very well.

The headlines from the war against women.

My state is doing it's part to continue the seige redistributing funds from Planned Parenthood to other "counseling services." Because really, unplanned preganancy is clearly a mental condition; counseling is the answer!

Sometimes they fight on two fronts at once. Take the Gannon/Guckert episode, for example.

Apparently, in addition to using mercenaries for propaganda missions, some pundits are using Gannon's night job for anti-gay propaganda. Because it's not un-American to have a fake reporter feeding the president softball questions at news conferences. What's un-American is teh gay buttsex.

Sadly, this propaganda is becoming especially popular in rural areas where people apparently listen to more talk radio.

*This is what REAL liberal bias in reporting looks like, folks. None of that namby-pamby shit about Dan Rather.


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