Friday, March 11, 2005

Some Things

1. I got my mom to read comic books. Ha!

2. Ryan is an anarchist. Ha!

3. My stomach is once again on the fritz.

4. I'm exhausted.

5. I have finished my homework.

6. Grandma fell and hit her head this morning.

7. This was in follow up to yesterday's episode of removing clothing and running around her assisted living facility half naked.

8. This would all be very disturbing, except that whenever they call us to tell us what grandma's done NOW, they do so in a very matter-of-fact way. This creates a very humorous situation, especially when listening to an altogether too reasonable voice message that ends in "we did this because she seemed agitated, especially when she removed her clothes and started visiting other residents."

9. I'm really not kidding.

10. Spring break is next week. I have exactly three hours of school left before then.

11. I am so far behind on everything I could scream.

(Hey, look! This one goes to eleven!)


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