Saturday, March 12, 2005


... Tuning in to a Moscow radio station on the internet and hearing very Russian-sounding music... in French. I was all set to try to understand what the song was about in one language, only to have to switch to another.

Possibly this would not be a problem if I had studied something other than languages in high school.

In other news, this is way too much fun. Also, I spent a good chunk of this evening doing research for a performance assignment that's due in two weeks. That's right, I spent the first Saturday night of spring break working on homework. I will now have to do some severe procrastination to make up for this.

Finally, could someone please have a word with the chief asshat in charge of slang? Because the whole "bling-bling" thing needs to be over. Now. Actually, last week. But now would suffice.


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