Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hocus Pocus

See, first they couldn't connect 9/11 to Iraq, which made all of the saber rattling a bit questionable. So then there were those darned WMDs, which provided a fine excuse to bomb the ever-loving daylights out of Iraq. But then Iraq turned into the disaster it is today, because somehow we never really factored in the idea that a foreign occupation might not seem like salvation to every Iraqi man, woman, and child. So what do we do? What's the next misdirection? Well, it seems that there have been Iranian weapons 'found in Iraq'. Perhaps where all of those WMDs were supposed to be? Add to that UN involvement in nuclear crisis talks, which pretty much assures we'll be bombing the hell out of Iran soon and hoping it turns out to be ledd of a public relations nightmare than Iraq. Soon we'll see President Folksy McNormalGuy on the TV telling us how, gee golly gosh, America, the only way to make sure the heathens don't nuke us is to go in and steal their country (with the cunning use of flags*, and other Weapons of Mass Deception).

*It's an Eddie Izzard quote. Because if you can't have fun while making dire predictions about world affairs, you're just not doing it right.


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