Friday, July 22, 2005

I sing my trachoma incursion

In the ongoing battle against the Viagra adverts we seem to have come to a sort of deadlock. About half of the penis-perking spam gets booted to my junk box, while the other half is delivered to me (all contain the exact. same. message.). The up side is that those that are delivered are the ones with the funniest subject lines. The most recent one was very polite, if misleading: "do have this cordite." Now, cordite I might actually fine useful, should I ever manage to go shooting. The one before that, however, was my absolute favorite, ever. "I sing my trachoma incursion." Isn't it fabulous? Don't you want to put it to the tune of "I Sing the Body Electric"? I haven't even junked it yet because it makes me laugh every time I check my email.

So, yes. I sing my trachoma incursion. Why don't you?


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