Friday, July 15, 2005

Raise Your Voice

So, I've been taking voice lessons so as not to frog my throat while teaching for three hours a week this fall. The added bonus is that I'm taking them from a great friend whom I know from my theater class. She has many lovely qualities, both as teacher and friend, and as an added bonus has a dog and a cat who provide much hilarity.

During a previous lesson the cat, who is still rather distressed at the dog's presence, got fed up and started bitching loudly at us that there is a DOG IN MY HOUSE! DOG... IN MY... HOUSE!!! That's exactly how she sounds. So, the exaggerated phrase "Dog... In my HOUSE!" became part of my vocal work, as did the laughter associated with it (nothing connects you with your full vocal range like a good belly laugh).

In addition to this, I also use part of the "My dear Lady Disdain" dialogue from Much Ado About Nothing" as text for vocal exercises. It's great fun, which is beneficial when you're practicing something over and over.

So at my lesson yesterday, I found out that Harry the Dog has been having some seperation anxiety issues. So I took him while my lovely teacher went to work, and we had Adventures with E & M that involved Tonks-ing me up for today (pictures to follow). My cat was less than thrilled to have a Dog in His House, so the running around town also helped keep the peace. This morning, however, both my living quarters and my person have been thoroughly Cat Scanned, and Tom has been acting a bit... off.

Thus, it was both hilarious and surprising that I heard, during my shower/vocal practice, a very loud, mewing accompaniment. I looked down to see a fuzzy little head peeking into the shower, eyes wide as if to say, "Are you DYING in there?"

Needless to say, I've no plans to quit my day job.


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