Monday, July 11, 2005

HP Thought of the Day

Grawp is like the Jar Jar of HP fandom. He was met with a WTF? by most, has a highly limited (and garbled) vocabulary, and most hope never to see him again.

In other news, my car is healthy again. Four new tires make for very happy driving. I practically flew home from the service center.

In other news, there is apparently a genetic mutation that happens when one is conferred a Ph.D. that creates an inability to reply to time-sensitive emails in a time-sensitive manner.

There is no further news. I want a nap, but suspect I will once again end up doing yard work.


Blogger Bill said...

I always thought Dobby was the Jar Jar of HP Fandom. Annoying guy with bad grammar who keeps making a nuisance of himself in the name of "I'm Helping! I'm Helping!"

8:23 AM  

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