Sunday, July 10, 2005

Putting the Fun in Funk

I have been a grumpus for the past three days, owing to the completely bass-ackward sleep schedule that my body has been observing. And yet, I persist in hanging with E & M until three o'clock every morning. And they still hang with me, which means my grump seems to be limited to sitting alone in the basement and snarking about online idiots. This pretty much verifies that my natural reaction to any negative emotion is to become an EVEN BIGGER DORK.

Last night we had a conversation about Harry Potter that lasted at least an hour. I am not kidding. An HOUR. No sleep? Grad school being a bitch? Find salvation through dorkitude!

This was naturally followed by a conversation about sexuality and attraction, which naturally turned to an hour-long discussion of pr0n. This naturally included a discussion of the hilarious study that Jon wrote about the other day, wherein folks tried to physically prove that bisexuality exists. Go read it. I'll wait... ok, now, was that not hilarious? Now, y'all know I don't self-identify as... well, anything, really, but I do happen to find people attractive (when they're not busy being utter fuckwads), and, you know, people come in a variety of genders, and I'm not really that picky about which gender a person is so long as they don't act like a fuckwad to me (and have a few other redeeming qualities). But I gotta say, if you were just putting pictures in front of me to try to get me het up, the asthetic odds are stacked against men. This is especially true in porn, which is where the conversation just got silly last night (yes, wine was involved). Because give me a little sippy and I suddenly say things like "penises look funny when not in use" and "if a guy's fully undressed and hard by the time I get there, why should I think it has anything to do with me?" I swear, I'm like a socially inappropriate Chatty Cathy doll.

But yes. It is a new day now, and I am in Funkville again. I have to email someone to find out how to remain in school and retain my teaching appointment for the fall. Because really, it would have killed them to give me notice BEFORE the end of the school year, when I could still get ahold of people easily. GRRRRR.


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