Thursday, July 07, 2005

"London is a city that goes about its business"

That's the first quote I heard this morning after my mom woke me up to tell me about the bombings. It was stated by an almost amused Londoner on MSNBC, who seemed to be trying to calm his overwraught interviewer. It was an interesting reminder of the fact that some places have long ago come to live with the possibility of random attacks, and that we in the US are priviledged in our shock.

For those who like their news less histrionic. The Beeb has a running block of reporter check-ins from around the city, updated frequently.

May we all go safely about our business.

EDIT: Sky News is actually updating a bit faster than the BBC at the moment.

EDIT II: Sky News link removed, as it was getting ridiculous rather than informative.

EDIT III: 33 confirmed dead, though no numbers in yet for the bus that was ripped to motherfucking shreds. Here's BBC streaming radio links. Choose "world service english news" Unicast for most likely connection to news (yes, I did my "research" on this, which painfully involved an earful of loud pop music before I found the right stream).


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