Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Feeling Russian

Or more accurately, rushin'.

I wokr up early this morning to find that my mother had turned off the AC and opened the windows before she left for work. As a result, I was having an interesting time breathing. Since it was just an hour until my alarm went off, I decided to stay upright (ok, the breathing might have had something to do with that), take some Benadryl and start my day.

See what I did there?

When I woke up again, it was 11 o'clock, time for me to be in Anoka, meeting Kelly for cream tea. Instead, I was drooling on the sofa. I quickly washed up and got directions from Mapquest, and headed out the door about five minutes later.

See what I did there?

Mapquest directions tend to be overspecific to the poing of unintelligibility. So, after half an hour of driving, I called my mother and asked if I was at least in the neighborhood of Anoka. I then called the tea room to leave word that I had not died in a firey wreck.

Transportation gnomes: 1
CJ: 0

The tea was delicious, if slightly rushed, and at about 12:30 we parted ways so that I could go home before my next appointment and Kelly could retrieve her Punky (there is a height requirement for the tea room). At home, I got a call asking if we could push the 2 pm appointment back to three, and I rejoiced, thinking I might catch up from my lateness experience.

I almost made it, but forgot one key issue: the portion of Uptown that I was bound for is notorious for its sporadic one way signs. Single blocks of streets will be marked off in one direction or another, and in some places each consecutive block has a different direction. It's madness. I finally sorted out the one ways, only to discover that I would need to drive around the block (not as easy as it looks) in order to park.

Transport. Gnomes: 2
CJ: 0

All of this, in my little car that I'm attempting to drive sparingly because it needs to see the car-doctor.



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