Sunday, June 12, 2005


I am sleepy, dopey, grumpy, and sneezy. That's four of seven dwarves and that, my friends, is too many.

Mommy and I went to see Bill in Fiddler on the Roof today. He was top-notch, as always. The entire production was top-notch as far as community theater productions go (I have seen at least ten productions of this play, at all levels of theater. Yes, it's an illness), which in the Twin Cities is pretty far (yay for thriving arts communities!). And can I just say, you'd think with all those productions I've seen I'd stop crying during the second act. You would be wrong, friends. I spring a leak starting at "Far From the Home I Love." Bill and I plan to catch the other two productions going on this summer. I haven't had a Summer of Fiddler since I first fell in love with the show after my freshman year of HS, so I'm long overdue.

OK, babbling about theater again.

I'm off to bed, as I've had a busy day and have to go get drugs tomorrow morning. Also, I'm dopey from the medicine I took for being sneezy. G'night!


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