Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wedding Psychosis

My normal crap sense of humor has gotten even worse. I was making myself lunch (cheese and toast) when I suddenly found myself under the watchful and intrusive eye of the resident furball. I said to him, "you seem to think mi queso es su queso."

Yep. Bad puns have long been a part of my repetoire, but bad puns in foreign languages? That's new.

I'm off to watch my cousin get married and listen to my relatives speculate as to when it will be "my turn." Dollars to doughnuts I snap and either 1) make up a boyfriend, or 2) tell them I'm a lesbian. Two seems more likely to be effective.


Blogger frog said...

I'm SO glad you finally commented on my blog. I'm reading along and laughing my ass off.

This is great. :)

7:20 AM  

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