Saturday, June 11, 2005

Blogging the Wedding

1. The answer to "how will CJ get folks to stop hounding her about getting married" was not A or B as suggested in the previous post, but a simpler C that I never imagined would work. When asked when it was "my turn," I tried a vague version of the truth and said, "I don't want to... for political reasons." Never underestimate the powerful dissuasion effect of potential boredom, especially as the only "academic" in a large family.

2. My cousins are hysterical. First illustration: as we were waiting for the reception to start, 9-year-old cousin T was attempting something that might have been breakdancing. Cousins B and K and I looked at each other in amusement.

B: He's either doing the Worm or humping the floor.
Me: I was going to suggest having a seizure.
K: I'm afraid to ask which.

3. Second illustration: M, the groom, did an impromptu striptease during the garter removal portion of the evening. Absolutely unplanned. During my dollar dance, he intimated this, and added, "good thing I wore a v-neck undershirt -- easier to rip." That's right. He tore it off. Funniest family moment EVER.

4. The pastor was a bit... interesting. His message during the ceremony likened 1 Corinthians 13 to camping. It was possibly the most Minnesotan ceremony ever.

5. There is no number five, because I'm exhausted. G'night!


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