Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Powerless Once Again

Things I learned tonight:

1. I am apparently also powerless in the face of free music. My mom had free tickets to see Stevie Nicks, so instead of coming home from my afternoon appointment and working on dissertation stuff I met my mom and some friends downtown for dinner before the show.

2. While rock concerts have fewer norms for when to cheer than symphonies or jazz concerts, there's always someone who has no clue sitting near me. This woman literally screamed every time Stevie started talking. STARTED talking. Buh?

3. Free is exactly the right price for Target Center concerts. The acoustics are absolute ass, which makes it twice as hard on the ears.

4. Stevie Nicks has the perfect voice for this arena, as it was the only instrument tonight that was not phased by the afore-mentioned ass-ness.

5. Vanessa Carleton is the cutest little thing ever. Her voice was, however, slightly assed up by the acoustics. (Robert, did my voicemail actually come through?)

6. I wanna be Stevie Nicks when I grow up.

7. I'm probably destined for disappointment on number 6.

8. The whole "One" campaign is the most useless thing since the caffeine free diet coke. Nothing like a bunch of aging musicians passing around a petition to cure AIDS and fix poverty!

9. I'm way too old for arena shows. When everyone stands up, I get annoyed that I can't see unless I join them.

10. Large parking ramps decrease the IQ temporarily, resulting in people who believe that they will be able to turn their SUV into the empty parking spaces next to them and sneak into the outbound traffic without anyone noticing.


Blogger Jon said...

Stevie Nicks is cool.

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