Friday, July 08, 2005

Longest day ever... again

So, after my two hours of sleep yesterday, I went to school, managed to bag me another committee member and a clue as to which direction I'm headed with this dissertation thingy, then kept putting off going home to SLEEP in order to talk to people I haven't seen in over a month. When I FINALLY got home, I crashed out hard at about six-thirty. I had a number of conversations with my mother that I was entirely asleep for, and woke up at ten-thirty only to have her recap them for me. While I was sleeping, I had nightmares that all of the copies of Half-Blood Prince had been stolen the night before their release, so I was unable to get my copy at midnight next week. So, when I was unable to go back to sleep, I started re-reading Order of the Phoenix, which really revved up my Harry Potter dorkitude, and resulted in last night's over-exuberant post.

Sadly, all of this took place BEFORE MIDNIGHT, and I was awake untli significantly after midnight, which made yesterday seem about two weeks long. I didn't wake up until noon today. I had more crazy dreams (these had to do with committee stuff, and were more comedic-in-a-strange-way than worrisome, and included a faculty kickline... I love my drugs), and woke up with surplus anxiety which my usual internet fix failed to abate. So, in a move that will surely make my mom think I've gone (further) round the twist, I went out and did yardwork. Hopefully, she won't kill me for mucking about in her garden, as she usually likes it when she can get me to help.

I mulched a six foot square of yard (this is harder than it sounds, as the mulch had to be first shoveled into the wagon, then trundled over to the portion in question, dumped, spread, lather, rinse, repeat). Then, because I wasn't sweaty enough, I hauled large rocks from their pile in the front garden around to the back where they are being used as edging. I contemplated pulling some weeds, but by this time my shoulders were so sore that the weeds would likely have won. Instead, I tended my potted herbs (almost time to transplant the basil and cilantro again), and then came inside.

Now I'm off to shower before taking my mommy out to dinner. Aren't I a good daughter?


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