Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I've been stewing over a few things for some time now, and they seem to have come to a head lately. I've let some friendships lapes due to my own hurt pride, and I've a sneaking suspicion that this makes me not quite as good a person as I would like to be. See, it's one thing to say piss off to a so-called friend who deliberately does something hurtful (that one? No regret there). Beyond that, people do things all the time, either without thinking or for their own reasons, that inadvertantly hurt or piss people off. I have this tendency toward biterness that initially makes me want to play the injured party role because my pride is a bit bent, but ultimately this only ends with me feeling empty and missing my friend. Friendship is about grace, and I keep forgetting that (and then remembering... lather, rinse, repeat). If I found enough reason to create and maintain a friendship with someone in the first place, then giving my friends the benefit of the doubt really should come before my pride. I may not agree with their choices, but I have only myself to blame if I let that disagreement destroy a friendship and turn me into a whiny little victimization fiend.

So, yeah, nothing special going on today. I just got sick of listening to myself whine and putting myself in a bad mood whenever I remember good times. So, you know, go forth and enjoy one another. And cut each other a little slack, because there's too many people on the planet to guarentee that no one's gonna get hurt by some innocent decision you make some day. Karma's like that.

And Ryan? Tell Tom I said hello, and that I miss him and Kelly.


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