Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Potter Hijinx Post

It will come as no surprise that I got Up To Stuff in honor of last weekend's book release. What may come as a surprise is that I actually remembered to upload the pictures. Once you've revived yourselves from the shock, read on for sick, sad, and demented taled of Potter-based hilarity.

First off, Friday night's midnight release party at B&N. If you've been reading along, you'll remember that I involved E & M in my last minute costume making spree. On Friday my Tonks costume debuted a bit early at the production of Fiddler that Bill and I went to see. How did it look? You tell me.

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While I'm used to going out in public looking rather questionable (some of you will remember that my actual hair was partially purple for a while), Bill was quite the trouper to put up with my oddness in such an unrelated venue. It was semi-necessary, as we were going straight to the release after the play, and donning a wig in a public restroom is more trouble than I'm willing to take on.

Bill decided to stop at home and costume up on the way to B&N. He came as a wizard very poorly disguised as a Muggle, and it was a stitch to watch him cluelessly ask the children who commented on his two ties, "isn't that right? The more you wear, the more muggle you are?"

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And since we were there well before midnight, we had a lot of time to kill. This lead to some amusement in the cafe area involving the temporary tattoos and glasses that we got as party favors. My father turned into a decidedly older Harry Potter.

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We did the countdown at midnight, and had our books by twelve-thirty. Naturally, I pulled a "who needs sleep" and stayed up nearly all night reading. I slept for about three hours before Dad called to wake me for our next adventure. We drove to Stillwater, where the Minnesota Zephyr had been dressed up as the Hogwarts Express, and its station as Kings Cross and Diagon Alley. They had "shops" set up around the station, and a Marauder's Map showing where everything was. The best part was the owl post office, though. I have a great big love of birds, so I was in awe of this guy:

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When it was time for our ride, we walked through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10...

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... and emerged onto Platform 9 3/4.

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We boarded our train, sat at a table with a lovely Stillwater native and her granddaughter, and listened to the HBP audiobook for the hour-long trip.

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Overall, it was more fun than should be strictly legal in one weekend. And seriously, can I have book seven now?


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*sigh* too bad I had to give myself a dumb look on my face... nice picture, I just look like an idiot... ;)

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