Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina, Bush, and Some Non-Disaster Stuff

A list of links to disaster relief agencies that are either secular, or religious with policies against prosetylization. Because nothing sucks so much as having to listen to someone shove their god down your throat in order to, you know, get food.

Two links from before I left. Critical of presidential response to Katrina, but more than a little dated now.

In response to "they shouldn't live there anyway" arguments, a map of the US showing where folks should live in order to avoid potentially deadly natural disasters.

In fact, you should all really be reading the stuff over at Making Light. They're chock full o'news and commentary, and their initial info links post was linked by news sites as a clearinghouse for useful links.

Sell the ranch? I doubt even that would make his concern seem genuine. It's hilarious, but a waste of time. Still, a bunch of links to things that have been glossed over in mainstream attempts to focus on "looting."

Here's my deal on the looters: who fucking cares? They only became a problem once police stopped rescue efforts so that they could protect goods rather than people. Then folks started shooting back, because yeah, when they treat you like the enemy you damn well better grab a gun, or your ass is dead. There are reports (unconfurmed to me; anyone else heard anything?) of engineers being shot on the way to fix the levies. It's shoot first, ask questions later, and the looters weren't shooting first. Unless, of course, the looters are police.

The stores are insured, the people are hungry, and once they get out of this mess they don't even have anything to sell in order to get money to start fresh. They have no TV to turn on and find out if they can expect help, so as far as they know, the cops are shooting on sight and they're on their own. It didn't help that food drops didn't start until four days after the fact. What I'm saying is, if I were down there and could get to a store, you're damn right I'd take food and water. If I had no earthly posessions left and thought I'd been left for dead, I'd grab anything shiny that wasn't nailed down. So let's get the fuck over it and show folks that they're going to have help.

In other news,the Iraq war keeps oil from terrorists, Bush says. Ah. That justifies it. Kill people to make certain terrorists who were primarily active in OTHER COUNTRIES don't get the oil. Well done.

Also, why not kill two rightsbirds with one stone? John Roberst as chief Justice. A lifetime fucking appointment, just so Bush doesn't have to go through two fucking confirmation hearings. Coat hangers at the ready, ladies, and the rest of you can kiss your right to privacy the fuck goodbye. This is one scary mother fucker.

Finally, a bit of fun. I spent the weekend up in Grand Marais, a tiny city on Superior's North Shore. My mother will likely move up there in a couple of years, and seemed to be interested in single-handedly ensuring that the economy is thriving once she gets there, as she bought more stuff than I've ever seen her buy in one weekend (mom hates shopping). Much fun (and exercise) was had, and much hilarity ensued during our evening ritual of watching CNN and making fun of the coverage of Katrina. The moost memorable moment of the weekend sadly took place in front of the TV. My mother just about died when Celine Dion was on Larry King's ridiculous telethon thingy and went into hysterics, leading off with, "I opened my television and THOSE PEOPLE ARE ALL STILL THERE!" We laughed for five minutes, then wondered how big her TV has to be to house that many people, and laughed some more.

Here's a fun link for the road, as I'm heading off to see The Brothers Grimm with E&M. All Jim MacDonald needs to know in life he learned from British folksongs and legends. Hilarious.


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