Monday, December 12, 2005

You, Too, Can Read Brokeback Mountain For Free

And I urge you to do so. It's heartbreaking, though, so be warned. And then go see the movie. Because it's more than just "that gay cowboy movie." The story does what few others have bothered with, and that's cast a gay love story with characters that deviate from stereotypical masculine man/feminine man neo-het relations. (OK, it's possible I made up at least one word in that sentence.) At any rate, yay for being different, and yay for daring to make a movie from it. And yay for voting with your dollars for a hollywood that portrays more than just one way of being.

I had shloads more links to blog about, but then Safari crashed and I lost all of my tabs. So, all you get today is gay cowboys (wait, isn't that enough?).

In other news, my last class of the year was fan-fucking-tastic. I loved those students, man, and I'll miss them like crazy -- best bunch I've ever worked with. I also managed to file my degree program last thursday, so that's two huge, wonderful things in one day. It was a lot to take in.

Thankfully (ha) I had a wedding to attend on Saturday, which effectively dragged me back down to earth. If one more absolyte stranger and/or family member either a) chides me for being dateless or b) tries to find a job for me without knowing exactly what a sociology degree IS, I will not be responsible for my actions. No court could convict, I swear, if they saw video of the absolute insistence with which folks tried to "fix" me that night. My sorta-brother suggesting that I was dateless because I don't talk to enough folks my own age (I was hanging with the Mom) was the capper: I was dateless mostly because his brother had sent the invite to my mother and I together! Tacky, Tacky, Tacky. Of course, my favorite Fake Date (tm) lives a bit too far away to appear these days, but I coulda brought in a wringer, I'm sure. Seriously, would it have cost that much more for seperate invites? My mom has a guy, what if he had been in town?

Ok, enough kvetching. I'm working on art (don't ask, it's weird to me too) and grading. I had this weird burst of productivity yesterday, and I'm trying to keep it going as long as possible.


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