Saturday, November 19, 2005


Oh, good grief. Why did I not know that Chris Columbus directed Rent (the movie)? How badly is this shit gonna suck? And why the fuck does Rosario Dawson have top billing? Don't answer that. I've been trying to remain as upbeat and excited about this as possible because, yay, RENT! But that gets harder every time I spend any time contemplating the meaning that gets lost any time you take a production with a minimal, representational set and transfer it to a realistic setting. Add a "director" who frequently shows signs of severe micromanagement (*hates*) and the drafting of famous T&A to aurment name recognition in the otherwise-original cast, and I'm quickly reverting to my usual raving scepticism. And don't get me started on how WRONG it seems to think of rent as being anything other than an opera.

But. I can always go see a matinee during the week, so that I miss the god-awful teenage fan-children and pay a lower price.


Blogger Bill said...

so I spose that means I should find someone else to see it with, eh?

3:30 PM  

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