Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Too little?

The Dems have forced a closed senate session about the Iraq war. You know, that war that they largely, blindly supported when it started.

I just watched Shakespeare in Love the other night, and there's one scene that comes to mind here. At the end of the movie, there's a bit where Queen Elizabeth watches with disgust as a bunch of dandys bow excessively to her rather than clear her way across a mud puddle. After a pregnant pause, they finally realize that they ought to be taking off their capes. She trudges on, muttering "too late, too late."

If it is true that elected officials are in service to the electorate, then anti-war folk in the US really ought to be muttering "too late" at the democratic party, whom many of us initially looked to for some sort of barrier to the war-mongering insanity that would cause us to invade an unrelated nation in retribution for the 9/11 attacks. Now, nearly three years and more than 2000 US lives since the war began, they're taking off their cloaks in a cloying mockery of indignation.

And then there's the Republicans, who have called the closed sessions "an affront to the American people," though the sessions they closed to discuss Clinton's sex life (six of them, according to Making Light) were, I'm sure, interested only in serving the Queen Populace.

You all need to get stuffed. Would that the people of the US did have some of the powers of that Queen, that all of you might be exciled, at very least. Failing that, I hope that each of your constituencies chooses to "overthrow" government in your next election, so that we might start again with a new batch of crooks. Because it's too damn late for all of you.


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