Friday, October 14, 2005

Penal Fallacy!

Another wild and crazy Friday night Chez Turtle. We have: 1) made fun of a bad CBS sci-fi show (not sure which one); 2) geeked out over Numb3rs (Krumholtz is my network TV boyfriend); 3) had a lively discussion about logical fallacies (ok, that one was more me commenting on never wanting to have to lecture on them again, and then being asked what the hell I was talking about); this had the effect of 4) causing us to laugh like fourteen-year-olds at the word fallacy. We then got on the subject of ideal forms of government (answer: benevolent dictatorship, run by me, E, and M), which brought us to talking about penal theory. More snickering.

Hehe. Penal fallacy.

EDIT: Yacky smacky!!!!!


"We'll get a mutant kitten -- we'll just play the radio at it." M, on naming a cat Fizzgig. Because the bad sci-fi show involved viral sound waves that caused humans to mutate.


Blogger frog said...

I LOVE Numb3rs, though I'm pissed that Sabrina Lloyd's not on anymore.

10:32 AM  

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