Monday, November 07, 2005

Some Things

1. Does Madonna think she's starring in Goblet of Fire, or just attending the premiere? What a jacket!

2. Speaking of outfits, Dan Radcliffe totally wins.

3. There has been much strife around the house this week, as the mother and I have both been fighting off various infections. I can barely hear, and both of us have been coughing up rainbow-colored phlegm. (Hehe. Enjoy the mental image, there.)

4. Charles and Camilla took the Disaster Tour on their visit to the US

5. It's not just Royals who do trite, exploitive 9/11 memorials. WARNING: worst. Fan art. Ever. Your eyes may bleed; proceed with caution.

6. Well. I feel I've been properly snarky this evening. I'm off to collapse. Hacking up lungs is draining work.


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