Wednesday, June 14, 2006

chris uggen's weblog: minnesotans take manhattan

Uggen's bummin' me out -- he'll be in NYC when Prince plays a free concert. Granted, he likely won't SEE that concert, but my point s that 1) I no longer live in NYC and 2) I live in Prince's freakin' HOME TOWN! Is he playing a free show here? NO! (Erm, well, not that I know of.)

It's a bitch and moan kind of day/week (working on month). Every thing's wrong today: people aren't returning phone calls or emails, my computer keeps switching to Russian type, I'm frustrated with the sculpture that has to be done by the end of the month, and I've done WAY too much driving today. Also, I have allergies. And cramps. And a penchant for TMI. And I got up too early.

I did get to see Abby and Desi (the two tiny people in my life) and their mommas today, though, so I'll quit the crabbypants act and be grateful. And get back to the damn sculpture.


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