Tuesday, July 22, 2003

According to the BBC, Saddam's sons have been killed. They have even been "positively identified," as their boodies were in "an identifiable condition."

First off, how the hell do you identify two people who probably have their own "doubles," just like dad? Unless a field DNA fingerprinting kit has finally been invented, I'll wait for the autopsy, thanks. Especially when my other choice is to take the word of "American Officials." I think it no longer counts as cynical to say that American Officials have a tiny (huge) problem with embellishing (lying about) their "case" against Iraq's Most Wanted.

At any rate, what a relief that will be. Qusay was the chief offspring in charge of hiding weapons of mass destruction. His ability to make them both invisable and incorporeal will surely cement his place in history as "the man who hid that which was not there."

And thank god we won't have that psycho Uday around to flog footballers anymore. He just went too far with that one. Sheesh! You can tell what's on the collective British mind, when that's the ultimate tale of treachery listed in their story. "Never mind the TV execs he whipped, or the personal assistant he killed, the miserable git had his players beaten for losing football matches! Outrage!"


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