Friday, July 25, 2003

I am hot.

This is not an invitation to ruminate in the comments box about whether or not I am attractive (*cough*Ryan*cough*). My house is a bloody sauna. I presently have an elaborate system of fans vainly trying to direct the cooled air from the AC in the livingroom into the guest room. My basement is nice and cool, but unfortunately uninhabitable.

I am also whiny.

I cannot sleep in the heat, but am too hot to do anything. I tried to get out the "comfort reading" today (books I've read a million times that always make me feel better), and discovered that the book I wanted was destroyed in the flood. Kind of like my bed in the nice, cool basement.

On the good side, my bedroom gets a new window on Monday -- one I'll actually fit through should the house do something inconvenient like burn down. Have also started making plans to replace other furnishings as well, and to paint/tile/cover the floor in some manner. Will have a new bed sometime next week. Am considering throwing a party to celebrate, but those who would appreciate the hilarity of a bed-warming party live too far away.

I miss you guys *pout*.


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