Thursday, August 07, 2003

Because Festie plays are almost as cool as Fest.

Went to see "The Bitter Festie Play" this evening, and had all sorts of wackiness thrust upon me, not the least of which was the play itself. Bloody hilarious!!! Go see it if you're in Minneapolis and get the chance; you'll enjoy it doubly if you've ever been exposed to the behind-the-scenes world of Renaissance/Medieval festivals.

My first inkling that this was going to be a great night? Perusing the program, I see my friend Bill's name on one of the pages -- I've missed his last two plays, so I guess it's simple karma that I ended up at this one without even knowing he was in it! He was wonderful as usually, and dressed in... steady girl... a leather doublet. And tights. And high boots. I am such a geek. I get all feisty over fest gear. To my wonderful Bill: thanks for the cheap thrill of the evening -- both your performance and your person were ravishing.

Finally, in the "random things that came up once this week and thus had to come up again" column: there was a Schroedinger's cat reference in the damn thing. After Chris's random riff on tuesday, I figured it'd be another five years before I had to remember what the hell Schroedinger's cat was again. *shakes head* Truly a fun night.

In other news, here's what Jon found while we were proctering a test today. That's right, a GWB action figure. In a flight suit. He won't let me get one for the office. Think of the fun to be had.


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