Sunday, August 03, 2003

Rumors of my death have been very much exaggerated.

I've spent the past two days making a bed. Also, Fringe Festival is this week, so I bought my five-play pass and went to the first, "Staggering toward America," last night. Was a very well done one-man show. The writer/performer told the story of his road trip across America following the Day That Made It Patriotic To Shop. His characterizations of the various people he found and spoke to were freakin' amazing, as were the different ways he characterized himself throughout his journey. I was laughing and nearly sobbing in turn, so much so that I felt completely worn out by the time it was over. Which was, of course, the best time to then get dinner and go to a show with Keith, Chris and Vanessa. Because the best thing when you're tired is doing MORE!!!!

At any rate, I'm now completely knackered. I have a huge, lofted bed on which I will wait til tomorrow to sleep. It got built with a minimum of fuss and only one trip back to Menards, where I thankfully did not run into Mr. Lumberyard man. Now all I have to do is set a few screws and I'm set. And can I just say, no one should live through life without spending a weekend listening to their father make bawdy puns about screws, screwing, etc. in relation to carpentry. Priceless.


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