Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I try not to complain about the sorry state of my romantic life around here too much, mostly because I don't want to hear from the two old men in the balcony about why I'm a romantic disaster (ok, it's mostly just Ryan). I make an exception today, as this ws nothing less than fucking hilarious.

I went to the lumber yard with the dad to get materials to make a new bed. Whilst there, the forklift driver first said how much he liked the putrid pink streaks in my hair (they looked cool when they were purple), then engaged me in a 20 minute conversation about what's wrong with society once hearing that I study sociology (I've not yet learned to lie about what I do). This guy is about my mom's age (55ish), but looks about the same age as my dad (60ish), and as my dad's standing around, impatient to get the fuck out of there, the guy actually ASKS ME OUT!!! In front of my father, who is roughly his age. Savor that for a moment.

Dad must have cottoned on to the fact that I don't want too be there, cause he elegantly points out that I'm about to be late before I have to figure out how to say no, and we zoom away. Well, as zoomy as you can get with lumber badly strapped to the top of a car. My father was entertained. Bastard. It's not funny. Every time I want to ask someone out, there's some damn stupid reason that compels me not to, but this dude thinks nothing of casually inviting someone he's known for twenty minutes out for dinner. I don't know whether to feel annoyed or ashamed.

And to top it all off, I was late for helping Jon move.


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