Monday, August 11, 2003

The mall ate my evening. I went out shopping for a dress for Trina's wedding. I came away four hours later with a very cute dress and the best furniture ever made -- the LoveSac. It's not a damn beanbag (they're words, not mine). It's the most heavenly thing I've ever sat in. And it's big enough to double as a couch -- though I didn't get the largest one; if you really want to check out the details, I got the Ton-o-LoveSac, five foot diameter, in forest green corderoy. Because the corderoy feels like a giant hug. Melissa and I almost fell asleep in the store.

Alas, the filling for my LoveSac (that sounds like something that would be discussed in a decidedly R-rated anatomy class) was not in stock, so I have to pick it up tomorrow. And lest you be moved to acquire your own, be warned: I paid almost $100 less than the internet price, so try to find a real, live store to purchase from. Or at least go spend a few hours "test-driving" them. The people at the stores are good about just letting you chill.

I'm thinking about turning it into a pick up line: "I've got a LoveSac at home that's built for TWO..."


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