Saturday, May 22, 2004

Hello from Duluth.

What I didn't realize when planning to come up here is that Duluth has been having a very cold spring, and has only just started to bloom.

Sinuses = ouch.

Weather = cold.

Have been a lazy beast mostly. Accidently ran into the Jackass of DOOM at Sir Ben's. Wondered what part of "I don't want to hear it" really meant "please keep talking because there really is a chance in hell that I want to go on a roadtrip with you and one of the other people who helped spread really exciting rumors of my non-existent sexual deviance two summers ago." That's our Jacob, ever the optimist.

In funnier news, The parking meters at UMD blink "FAIL" when they run out of quarters. Seems like it would be an effective threat: plug this meter or your FAIL!!!

I'll be home tomorrow, unless the pain in my face and head becomes too much, in which case I'll come home tonight.


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