Monday, August 02, 2004

iPod Redux

Gacked from the QOW LJ, "... one thing we just found out is that in order to count, your bid on an item has to go through the site. This is a little non-obvious, because to register on eBay you have to wait for a link to click on in email. After that, you're supposed to go back to the site and continue from there. It's the way they track it.

Anyways, the easiest way to get this done is to go to the site, login as an existing member, and go to the Offers page. Click on the eBay link, and login to eBay in the window that comes up. It will probably take you to the seller registration page. You do NOT have to do this. Just click on the eBay icon at the upper left, and you'll go to the eBay main page. Then put in a non-winning bid on something..."

That would explain why nothing was happeining in the iPod department. That's two obscenely priced bits of movie paraphenalia I've bid obscenely low on now. It's really obscene that I give enough of a damn to keep plugging at this. But really, I didn't dig boy bands, I'm not installing video screens in my car, and I couldn't care less what brand of clothing I'm wearing, so I suppose some damn fad was bound to capture my attention sooner or later. Dammit.


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